Shopkeeper fuming after rat steals cash from shop and makes bedding for babies

A cheeky rat has been dubbed the "richest rodent" for stealing money from a shop to make bedding for its babies.

Video taken by the shop owner in the city of Huaihua, in southern China's Hunan province, shows wads of cash inside a burrow in the corner of the wall.

The man finds dozens of notes in the form of 10 yuan [£1.10] up to 100 yuan [£11] scattered on the floor behind the wall.

He said: "Oh my God you look, this rat. This rat stole all my money and dragged them here and made a home out of it.

"It's hiding babies among the notes as well."

The babies are seen moving behind the cash as he pans the camera across the hole.

It was unclear how much the rodent had stolen from the shop but viewers were convinced that the amount was much more than what they saved in a year.

One said: "This has to be the richest rat ever! Looks at that wads of 100 yuan notes there!"

A second commented: "You know you're rich without telling me you're rich!"

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A third added: "The rat is doing a better job at saving money than me haha."

Meanwhile, a resident in the UK was baffled by a rodent problem in her garden as she noticed the animal had been "stealing food" from her downstairs neighbour's bird feeder.

The 62-year-old saw the large rat running back and forth across the garden, forcing her to stop using the outdoor space during lockdown.

She had complained to her property management company but was told that nothing could be done due to local building work.

Last month, a woman from Preston, Lancashire, said her 62-year-old mum was forced to stay in her flat during lockdown due to the rats infestation in the patio area.

In a video Sarah posted on Twitter, a huge rat can be seen emerging from the bush and running across the garden to the bird stand feeder.

Sarah told LancsLive that her mum Alison had complained to management company Place for People and was told that nothing could be done due to local building work.

At the time, a spokesperson for Places for People said they were working with Preston City Council, Environmental Health Services and customers to address the concerns raised.

"We would encourage residents to continue to follow the guidance provided by Preston City Council and we will also continue to follow up with the council and partners to see what more can be done," they added.

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