Shark attack survivor very lucky after going swimming during ‘feeding time’

Paramedics who treated a man after a shark attack said he is "very lucky" to have survived after he dived into the ocean during "feeding time".

Todd Price, 34, was celebrating his friend's nuptials on a boat when he decided to go for a swim in the Whitsunday Islands among the sunset around 6.30 pm on Friday.

The father-of-two from central Queensland said he was only in the water to cool off for a few moments when he felt something tugging his leg, reports News AU.

“I was getting a bit hot, so I thought I’d dive in [to the ocean] and cool off, not going for a swim, just to freshen up,” he told Mackay’s Daily Mercury.

"I put my hand down and felt a big head and I thought, 'Oh this isn’t good.’”

The 34-year-old managed to push the shark’s head away and get it to let go but as he reached onto the ladder of the boat, the shark launched a second attack and latched on to the bottom of his leg.

Mr Price luckily made it back onto the boat and his friends managed to wrap his leg before they took him to a nearby island to get help.

A rescue helicopter flew the dad back to the mainland, where he was rushed to hospital for surgery.

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He later joked that the shark "was just nibbling" the back of his leg.

But Queensland Ambulance Service senior operations supervisor Julianne Ryalf said the lacerations were "deep enough to require stitches.”

QAS clinical support officer Peter Gleeson said Mr Price was fortunate as the results can be "quite serious".

“However, in this instance, it seems like the patient was very lucky indeed," he told reporters over the weekend.

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The support officer went on to say that shark attacks in the area were extremely rare but reminded visitors to avoid swimming at dusk or dawn.

“It’s well known that shark bites and shark feeding time is commonly at that time of day,” he said.

“So to say it was a contributing factor in the attack is reasonable … Shark attacks are an extremely rare occurrence.”

It has been confirmed that Todd Price is in "good spirits" and recovering from his injuries.

In October 2019, two British backpackers were attacked by a shark in the same spot, which resulted in one of them losing his foot.

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