Serial rapists to be castrated in Pakistan after attacks on women and children

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Serial rapists will be castrated in Pakistan following a huge spike in sexual assaults on women and kids, it has been revealed.

The new legalisation will see rapists face chemical castration and allow for quicker convictions through special courts and help fast-track sexual assault cases – with verdicts having to be made within a four-month period.

Chemical castration has been used to help put a stop to paedophilia in Indonesia since 2016 and used against rapists in Poland since 2006.

The new law passed after ineffective inquiries and prosecution of sexual violence cases sparked concern across the country following an increase in sexual violence.

As part of the new rule, a series of measures will be introduced, such as victims' identities being protected and the creation of a national sex offenders register.

The bill will also allow victims to register their assault and access medical examination within hours of the crime – through the introduction of anti-rape crisis cells in hospitals.

It has been reported that those found guilty of gang rape will be sentenced to death or imprisoned for life.

Repeat offenders could face chemical castration, reports Daily Mail.

It comes after a woman was dragged out of her car, which ran out of fuel, and gang-raped in front of her children outside the city of Lahore in September last year.

Her two attackers were later arrested but protests erupted across the country after the lead investigator said she should have driven on a busier road and checked her petrol before she headed out.

Abid Malhi and Shafqat were sentenced to death in March and were handed a 14-year prison sentence which must be served before their executions take place.

In August this year, harrowing footage was shared on TikTok of a young woman being mugged and sexually assaulted by hundreds of men in a park on Pakistan's independence day.

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Authorities confirmed a total of 55 suspects had been identified so far while two police officers were suspended after being accused of negligence in connection to the case.

Rimmel Mohydin, South Asia Campaigner of Amnesty International, has slammed the castrations as a form of deterrence and said: "Forced chemical castrations would violate Pakistan's international and constitutional obligations to prohibit torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.

"Punishments like this will do nothing to fix a flawed criminal justice system. Instead of trying to deflect attention, the authorities should focus on the crucial work of reforms that will address the root causes of sexual violence and give survivors the justice they deserve and the protection they need."

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