Seedy loan sharks demanding sex from skint punters as threats issued

Seedy loan sharks are demanding sex from skint punters who can’t afford to pay them back.

More than a million Brits are in debt to hooky money lenders, researchers found.

One victim, Anna, 38, told investigators: “I’m scared of what he can do.

“I had to sleep with him because I couldn’t afford the payments.

“I feel unclean… I knew it was wrong, but he took a photo of my daughter coming out of school and sent it to me saying: ‘We now know what she looks like.’”

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) found the criminals had demanded sex for loans, threatened physical harm or warned they will set bullies on borrowers’ children at school.

One template contract for a £25,000 loan said: “Interest on the loan capital will be rendered in kind, with Ms X agreeing to provide sexual gratification for Mr Y. Such services will be available upon request at every loan repayment.”

About 10% of borrowers have provided sex for loans or signed agreements to provide sexual favours if they defaulted.

Repayment of loans can take up to a decade, but in one case a woman borrowed £3,000 to pay off her brother’s loan and repaid £20,000 over three years.

The CSJ said sharks even targeted victims at school by identifying “which of their children’s friends were hungry or didn’t have the best shoes”.

Nearly half of those who borrowed from illegal money lenders used the cash for everyday expenses and household bills.

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