Secret US bunker hides thousands of Nazi objects and Hitlers own paintings

A nondescript warehouse in the heart of America is home to the world's largest collection of Nazi memorabilia including Adolf Hitler's own paintings.

Fort Belvoir is located in northern Virginia and is crammed full of objects from Hitler's Third Reich that were seized by allied forces at the end of World War Two.

The cursed artefacts are kept in a climate-controlled environment that is not open to the public as the American government does not allow material that glorifies Hitler's brutal regime.

Hidden away inside the bunker are some of the most visceral pieces of Nazi propaganda in existence, all of which were created to portray Hitler as a glorious deity.

These include statues of the dictator, marble busts of his head, posters and ridiculous artwork depicting him in grand or noble situations.

The most famous of these is an enormous TV-sized painting known as 'The Flag Bearer'.

In it, Hitler is shown wearing full armour riding on a horse carrying the Nazi flag.

Upon the discovery of the painting in 1945, an unknown US army trooper drove his bayonet through Hitler's eye leaving a permanent hole in the canvas.

Fittingly this has never been repaired.

Hidden further still amongst this collection of squalid memorabilia are four paintings that Hitler painted himself.

Before he became the most evil person the world had ever seen, Hitler lived in Vienna and worked as an artist although his talent never matched his enthusiasm for the pursuit.

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The four pieces are landscapes of various buildings Hitler came across while living in the city and have been criticised by collectors.

The pictures are with signed 'A Hitler' and are said to have been painted between 1904-1922.

One of them titled 'Railway Embankment' is an uninspiring picture of precisely that with two blurry figures in the foreground.

It's no surprise, based off the strength of his output, that Hitler was twice rejected from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

And although several pieces of Hitler's work have sold for as much as £278,000, most art critics have stated that his paintings have no artistic value.

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