Secret conflict brewing between King Charles and Prince William, expert claims

It is not all rosy for the Royal Family, with one expert claiming a secret conflict is brewing between King Charles III and Prince William.

The Duke of Wales and his father the King of England are not known for their bitter relationship but Daniela Elser believes conflict is coming.

The expert alleged differing positions between William and Charles could be a sign that trouble is brewing, she alleged in her recent column in

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Some recent moments for the Duke were "painfully clear" of that conflict, and were laid bare at a recent Easter Sunday service attended by the King, Duke of Wales and Prince Andrew.

Writing in her column, Elser alleged: "While the King had clearly acquiesced to the Duke of Yorking being a part of things, it was painfully clear that William wanted nothing to do with his uncle.

"As shots of Charles, with Andrew prominently right behind him, flashed about the internet, the Waleses did not end up in a single frame with the disgraced, dud of a duke.

"Clearly, father and son have differing views about handling the ongoing mess that is the unemployed former trade ambassador, which bodes badly for the future."

Another dividing point for the pair concerns Prince Harry and his royal titles.

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According to Elser, William is heavily in favour of stripping his younger brother of royal titles while King Charles is less than eager to follow through on such an idea.

Elser added: "Again, if Charles remains in dad-mode, with reports repeatedly stressing that no matter what, His Majesty will always love Harry, while William seems nothing but red, are some London fireworks inevitable?"

But it does not end there for potential royal woes, with an ongoing issue surrounding Camilla's coronation rod a hot topic for the Duke and King.

The 17th century sceptre has been a dividing point for the pair due to the ivory it has been made from, with The Daily Star previously reporting Camilla is adamant on using a sceptre that the Prince of Wales wants 'destroyed'.

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