Scientist who pins down crocs with bare hands has raunchy modelling side hustle

A stunning scientist who tackles crocodiles with her bare hands earns thousands with a racy modelling side hustle.

Rosie Moore, from Florida, is a scientist who works mainly with sharks and reptiles but tapped into a niche market when she started diving with the deep sea apex predators.

Moore works in the public sector for the city of Delray on Florida’s southeast coast doing water resource management, and her day to day includes getting hands-on with fearsome beasts.

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"I also do other things on the side, including python hunting, shark diving, and tagging of various species like alligators," the 26-year-old, originally from Missouri, told Business Insider.

But one look at her Instagram suggests she does even more, as it is littered with sultry shots of her posing in naturistic locations in nothing but a bikini.

"There's a little niche for girls that can free dive well to model with sharks or underwater, so I started meeting up with photographers for some product shoots and things like that," she said, explaining how she made her first foray into modelling.

Now, Moore has contracts with some clothing and drink companies, and is also signed with an agency that does luxury event modelling.

"People always joke on Instagram that I'm like Hannah Montana, because I'll post and I'll be out in the field doing crazy things or up to my waist in mud, and then the next thing they know I'll be at a luxury event in full hair and makeup and heels and a dress," she said.

The young scientist said she prefers the science field because it “is more fulfilling because it's more respected”.

“As a model, when you're talking to somebody and they find out you're a scientist it's almost like the respect for you changes,” she explained.

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“When people think you're just model, it almost feels like they think less of you.

"Whereas once they know you have a respected career it's like something flips in them and they think more highly of you.

"On the other hand, in the science world, I think people respect the fact that I model, so it's interesting that it goes one way but not the other."

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