School warns parents about arriving at gates in inappropriate dressing gowns

A school has urged parents not to rock up at the gates in "inappropriate" outfits after several arrived to drop off their children in dressing gowns.

The notice from Ayrseome Primary School in Middlesbrough warned that "dressing gowns on the school yard are not appropriate".

The message, which was shared on Facebook, said: "Please can we ask that all parents/carers dress appropriately when dropping off and collecting children from school.

"Dressing gowns on the school yard are not appropriate."

The message has subsequently gone viral after being posted on social media on Friday morning (October 1), Teesside Live reports.

One dad, who asked not to be named, confirmed that pyjama-wear is being worn by some parents at drop offs and pick ups.

He said: "I'm absolutely sick of it. It's not hard to get dressed in the morning.

"Imagine how much those kids are going to be ridiculed when they get into school.

"They don't even put on a fresh pair to come and collect them.

"A lot of the parents are disgusted by it."

Parent Aimee Baker, of Middlesbrough, agreed and said the practice has been going on for more than a decade.

She said: "My oldest who came here is 17 now and they were doing it then. They're local parents and it takes only two minutes to chuck some clothes on so there's no reason.

"They're taking the kids to school in their pyjamas and coming back in the same ones.

"It's embarrassing for the children. There's no excuse you should get washed and dressed every morning."

Other parents at the gates had concerns about children being mistreated because of it.

One mum said: "It takes two minutes to take your dressing gown off and put a coat on.

"It's not just a dressing gown though it's full pyjamas, then a dressing gown and slippers. It's just normal around here now. "

Despite the views, others have taken to social media to defend the night-wear wearing parents.

One Facebook user said: "Who cares. Why does everyone judge others so much? I mean I don’t and wouldn't but it’s cold, if they want to wear a dressing gown leave them to it.

They might have had a bad morning or struggling with their mental health or just want to climb back in bed when they get home. Big deal."

Another said: "I totally agree , judge judge judge that's all anyone does. At least they are getting their children to school.

"No one knows anyone's circumstances and what it took for them to be able to get out if bed and get the kids ready and to school."

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