Scandinavian ice trough set to sweep UK pushing Brits into bitter ice plunge

Brits are warned a Scandinavian ice 'trough' could cause havoc on temperatures in the coming weeks.

BBC weather long-range forecasts say it may push the UK's temperatures to plunge in the middle of November.

It means the country faces below-normal temperatures due to the ridge of high pressure in Central Europe becoming weaker. If it was to happen it would allow the trough of low pressure in Scandinavia to extend southward across Western Europe.

The risky prediction is in place between November 8 and November 14 next week, where the north and east may be drenched in showers across these areas.

While Scotland and Ireland are to face strong winds and wet conditions throughout the upcoming weekend, they may not be able to escape the cold spell either.

The north will face gales of winds, especially around the coast today and tomorrow ahead of the potential of mercury plummeting.

Early next week there will be periods of wet weather to develop along with breezy winds, especially across the north and west.

Later in the week, a cold front is likely to move through, which will spread more miserable and soggy conditions across the county. However, after a brief mild spell, temperatures will dive again.

Looking forward to the second half of November, the temperature is due to drop even lower if the Scandinavian weather front breaks through.

It comes after bookmakers are predicting some places in the UK may see a White Christmas – the first since 2010.

In the middle of this month, the below-freezing temperatures are likely to hit and there might even be some white stuff falling from the sky the closer we get to the big day itself.

Increased frost and fog are also likely and look set to make December feel more wintry than ever.

The odds of a White Christmas are tumbling for several regions up and down the country.

With the festive season soon approaching, bookmakers are revealing odds on where in the UK could see a Hollywood-style Christmas morning.

Darren Hughes, a spokesperson for, said: "Winter has firmly gripped the UK and Ireland in recent weeks, and with temperatures dropping by the day, speculation has arisen as to where we might see snowfall on Christmas Day in this part of the world.

"Unsurprisingly, bookmaker odds suggest that the north is by far the likeliest location for a snowball fight this Christmas, with Aberdeen at 7/4 and Glasgow and Edinburgh at 2/1 heading the White Christmas market as of now.

"Newcastle is also high on the list at 5/2, suggesting a 29% chance of snowfall this Christmas."

Although Christmas snow looks most likely in Scotland, there is still a sizeable chance that other places will see flurries on the 25th.

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