Saudi prince’s lifestyle with 150 women on private island and £370m yachts

The super lavish lifestyle of Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman has been laid bare in a new book – including how he allegedly flew 150 models to a private party island.

New book Blood and Oil: Mohammed bin Salman's Ruthless Quest for Global Power claims the models were flown from Brazil, Russia and elsewhere to the Maldives to party with a "few dozen" men from the Middle East.

They arrived by boatload and were all allegedly tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Salman, 35, did so for a huge party planned for nearly a month at Velaa, a private island "designed to be one of the world's most luxurious and expensive destinations" in 2015.

However when a local publication got wind of his exploits, it is claimed he was forced to leave along with the models.

The book claims he rented the entire island with 300 staffers, 48 private villas with their own butlers and even a snow machine.

It reports that phones were banned to ensure privacy, allowing for only old-school Nokia 3310s.

The authors, who Wall Street Journal reporters, write: “Mohammed knew that Saudi Arabia’s young people were tired of decades of obscene spending by the ruling family and frustrated by online accounts of princes’ ostentatious homes, spending sprees at Harrods, and sports cars racing through the streets of (London’s) Mayfair.

“Only after the testing was done and the women had settled into their villas did the seaplanes carrying Mohammed bin Salman and his friends arrive."

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He is also said to have hired DJs Afrojack and Pitbull, and for the former's set Salman even climbed on stage.

The book adds: “The men and models cheered when Mohammed took over the DJ table and started playing records of his choice while Afrojack skulked away muttering, careful to curse out loud only when he was out of the prince’s earshot."

Parties would go on until dawn after the men slept during the day, reports WallStreetJournal.

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And it doesn't stop there.

It is further claimed in the book that the prince paid $500million (£370m) on the Serene, a 439 super yacht with two helipads, a submarine dock, underwater viewing room, jacuzzi, a movie theatre and spiral staircase.

The authors write: “It was sleek and luxurious, perfect for hosting VIPs, but it could also transform into a party palace for nights with close friends."

On land, he has splashed out more than £225m on a French chateau near Versailles with a moat, fountains and stately grounds.

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Authors write: “Forget the critics, (his team) said. Mohammed had many years to prove his vision. He wasn’t even king yet. His legacy might come in 10, 20, even 30 years."

But despite his riches, Salman is plagued by reports of a poor human rights record.

He is the crown prince and the nation's defence minister, deputy prime minister and heir to the throne.

The CIA had alleged he was behind the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. He denies their accusation that he ordered the murder himself.

And the country, which implements strict Islamic laws, has been plagued by reports of using stoning, hanging and beheading for acts including homosexuality and adultery.

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