Sarkozy sentenced to a year in jail for illegal re-election bill

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Sarkozy, convicted for illegal financing of his 2012 re-election bid, can serve his sentence under house arrest, wearing an electronic tag.

He was not present at the Paris court for yesterday’s ruling, but lawyer Thierry Herzog said he had spoken with Sarkozy, who asked him to appeal.

Mr Herzog added the verdict “won’t be enforceable” while the appeal is pending.

Sarkozy denied wrongdoing at his trial in May and June, but was found guilty of spending almost twice the maximum amount of 22.5 million euros (£19.4million) on the re-election bid that he lost to Francois Hollande.

The court stated Sarkozy “knew” the legal limit was at stake but “voluntarily” failed to supervise additional expenses.

In March, Sarkozy, 66, was found guilty of corruption and influence-peddling in another case. He was then sentenced to one year in prison, and two years suspended but is, again, free pending appeal.


Michel Barnier has declared that “arrogant” France has suffered a decade of decline.

The ex-Brexit Brussels negotiator, who is running for president next year, said: “French influence has been decreasing for 10 years. It’s our own fault. We have been diminished.”

He added: “France is not great when it is arrogant.”

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