Sad parrot who refused to talk after owner dies now tells new one to f*** off

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A depressed parrot who refused to talk after his owner tragically died has now found his voice and tells his new owner to 'f*** off'.

Rachel Leather, from south Wales, says she has sparked up a humorous relationship with Jesse who even calls her babe and boasts how funny he is.

The African Grey has become a treasured part of Ms Leather's family after he struggled to cope with the loss of his previous owner, who was also named Rachel.

The RSPCA said they wanted to find him a new home as soon as possible after seeing how "lonely" he had become and said he even started to self-harm by plucking his feathers off.

But Rachel from Aberdare says he soon started to fit into her family despite his "awful" language.

"Within 24 hours of being home he was nattering away to himself," she said.

"He just makes us roar with laughter, he loves to make fart noises, make jokes and swear."

The cheeky parrot has learned that Rachel's partner calls her 'Babe' so shouts 'Babe' to get her attention and then tells her to f*** off."

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"When I tell Jesse that he's funny he responds with: 'Yes, f***ing hilarious!'," Rachel added.

"He's only been with us for a short time but I can't imagine how we ever existed without him.

"When I became aware of Jesse I was blown away, it felt like the perfect opportunity.

"I was surprised at how chatty he became because the staff at the centre said he was really quiet and had only said one word – 'goodbye' – a few times.

"It's heartbreaking to think that's all he'd say after suffering such loss."

Hannah Hawkins, behaviour and welfare advisor at the RSPCA's Ashley Heath Animal Centre, near Bournemouth, Dorset, said: "The team noticed one day that Jesse had plucked out some of the feathers on his chest.

"And had made his skin red and raw.

"We wondered if he was sick or had a skin issue that was making him uncomfortable but it soon became clear that it was grief and stress that was causing the plucking."

She added: "He'd come into us after the death of his owner and we believe he'd been in the same home for his whole life and was much-loved so it's not surprising he was struggling after such a sudden change.

"We knew we needed to get Jesse into a home environment as quickly as possible to ease his stress.

"We made sure Jesse got lots of attention and additional enrichment to try to help him."

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