Ryanair steward goes on blistering rant about airline to passengers over tannoy

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A disgruntled Ryanair steward left passengers shocked after making his feelings clear about the airline on the tannoy during a flight from Spain to Manchester.

The frustrated worker launched his scathing rant against the company on board a flight on June 8, telling holidaymakers that Ryanair "don't listen to their staff" and that he doesn't have "high expectations".

In a video which has emerged of the incident, the steward was heard saying: "I do apologise. If you want to file a complaint please do so – go to Ryanair.com.

"They don't listen to their staff, they probably care about you more because you give them money. Instead, we're costing them money.

"So give that a go, see how that goes. After four years I literally – I haven't got high expectations for them you know."

A passenger on the flight said that they had a feeling something was wrong as the member of staff was visibly "stressed out" before the announcement.

They explained: "I had a feeling [the steward] was going to blow, and sure enough a few minutes later he made the announcement.

"I felt really sorry for him to be honest, he seemed really stressed out."

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Ryanair have said in a statement: “We sincerely regret the comments made by a crew member on this flight from Región de Murcia International Airport to Manchester (08 June), which are not representative of Ryanair.”

The news comes after a topless man was spotted launching a foul-mouthed rant at passengers before he was removed from a Ryanair plane.

Video emerged on TikTok on Saturday (May 28) showing a half-naked man shouting at the passengers as they are waiting for the plane to take off at Edinburgh Airport in Scotland.

He stands in the aisle and argues with a man, saying: "I'm not disrespectful, I'm not a disrespectful person."

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