Russian soldier whose wife bragged would destroy Nazis comes home in body bag

A Russian soldier has died in Ukraine just months after his proud wife bragged he was going to the country to destroy 'Nazis'.

The claim was made by the Ukrainian militia on a telegram channel that is used to share updates from the frontline.

Throughout the war, Telegram has been used as both sides to spread propaganda and in some cases chilling warnings for enemy troops including pictures of dead bodies.

On this occasion, the group shared a picture of a man believed to be a Russian soldier posing with his wife.

In both pictures of the man, his face has been crossed out signifying that he was killed in battle.

Below it, two posts from the man's wife can be seen, one saying: "How painful it is without you."

The other reads: "The nazis, my husband will soon come for your souls."

Sharing the image, the Ukrainians wrote: "The husband came, died a little and went home in a black bag."

As the war approaches the third month, reports from the frontline have become increasingly dark.

Russian mothers are encouraging their soldier sons to kill civilians and children in Ukraine, according to Ukrainian authorities.

A call tracked by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and shared on Telegram this week is one example of Russian soldiers being egged on during the conflict.

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In the call a mother can be heard telling her son: "Son, don’t be down. If you only saw what they are doing, you’d know you were doing great work over there. Don’t forget it, and tell everyone the same."

The perplexed soldier then asks his mother: "What are we doing? Killing civilians and children?"

"No, you aren’t killing civilians and children. You are killing f***ing fascists," the mother replies.

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