Russian soldier breaks into shop and gets drunk after entire squad is wiped out

A Russian soldier whose entire squad had been wiped out was found passed out drunk after breaking into a local Ukrainian supermarket.

Gory footage of the soldier's squad appeared online earlier this week, showing members lying on the ground, covered in blood near the city of Kharkiv.

While it's not clear exactly what happened to the unit of Russian invaders, one of the group clearly managed to escape from the potential of being killed for his actions against Ukrainians.

And now video footage of him lying on the floor of a shop, behind the till area, in a sleeping bag .

He is being shouted at by a Ukrainian soldier pointing a gun at him, but he appears to be so drunk that he appears to just want to be left to sleep.

And he was also barely unable to speak, and what little he did say in Russian was slurred.

He was, according to local sources, captured by the Ukrainian soldiers.

Having gone viral on Twitter, the video received many responses.

Political commentator Louise Mensch wrote: “I watched the video of what happened to the rest of his squad, getting drunk was the best decision he ever made.”

And former American politician Bob Krause wrote: “Not strange for what these Russian soldiers are going through – classic #PTSD self-medication.

“If you get stinking drunk the anxiety goes away and you can actually sleep, which this poor fellow obviously did.”

The video initially appeared on several local Ukrainian Telegram groups, which prompted many users to mark it with the laughing and flame emojis.

One group saw the video reached more than 100,000 views in just a few hours, with little sympathy being shown to the soldier.

Early on into the invasion of Ukraine, many Russian soldiers was filmed and photographed calling home, having been captured, to tell their families that they had no idea what they were getting themselves in for in taking up arms against Ukraine.

Reports coming out of Russia throughout the invasion blamed President Vladimir Putin's campaign of telling his people that Ukraine is full of “Nazis and drug addicts” and that the war was his way of getting rid of them.

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