Russian police chief found dead in his home weeks after getting boot from Putin

A Russian general recently given the boot by Vladimir Putin has been found dead in an alleged suicide.

Major General Vladimir Makarov, 72, was the deputy chief of the Russian police’s anti-extremism unit.

He led the charge in cracking down on protests against the war in Ukraine.

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Reports have claimed that he shot himself.

An Independent Russian newspaper, the Moscow Times, said described him as “the main organiser of the ‘hunt’ for opposition activists and inconvenient journalists” in a quote from a Telegram channel.

It was reported by the Russian state news agency, Tass, that he killed himself.

He was given the boot by Vladimir Putin back in January.

It has been reported by Daily newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets – the editor of which is a close pal of Putin – that his body was found by his wife.

She is reported by the paper to have found his corpse on Monday (February 13) near Moscow in the town of Golikovo where their country home is located.

The paper said: “The nature of the injuries suggested that he committed suicide. It is known that firearms were kept in the house.”

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He joins the ever-growing list of deceased Russian officials at the top of the nation’s politics.

FSB Major General Yevgeny Lobachev and Major General Lev Sotskov of the Foreign Intelligence Service list among the dead with reported suicides.

Both men are understood to have died over the summer.

In November, Colonel Vadim Boiko, 44, was found with multiple gunshot wounds – yet his death was still labelled as a suicide.

He was the deputy head of the Makarov Pacific Higher Naval School in Vladivostok and is said to have “executed” himself, despite playing a part in the organisation of Vladimir Putin’s partial mobilisation – a major conscription drive that saw 300,000 Russian men militarised to fight in Ukraine.

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