Russian mother and daughter forced to flee country to escape Putin’s wrath

A Russian TV editor who interrupted a news broadcast in Moscow to protest against the war in Ukraine fled house arrest after fearing for her life.

Marina Ovsyannikova, 44, a Russian TV editor says she was forced to crawl under barbed wire with her daughter Arisha, 11 to escape from Putin's Russia, after protesting against the war in Ukraine.

The journey saw Ovsyannikova and her daughter change cars seven times, walk across 12 miles of boggy terrain, and crawl under barbed wire in a three-day-long escape from the country.

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Ovsyannikova told MailOnline: “Making that journey with a child was absolutely terrible.

"At times I didn’t think we would make it. But it wasn’t safe to stay in Russia. The authorities would have thrown me in prison. They wanted to destroy me.”

Last year Ovsyannikova stood behind a journalist on Russia’s Channel One’s news programme holding a sign and chanting ‘no war’.

The sign read: “No war! Stop the war! Don’t believe the propaganda. You are being lied to here. Russians against war!”

After the TV appearance Ovsyannikova was taken to the Centre for Counteraction to Extremism where she was interrogated.

She was then fined 30,000 rubles (£460) and forced to resign.

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However, after continuing to protest she was charged with spreading false information about the Russian army.

At the time of her escape from Russia Ovsyannikova was under house arrest and issued with an electronic tag while she awaited trial.

The journalist, who now resides in Paris, has been offered political asylum and around the clock security from President Emmanuel Macron.

However, the mother and daughter are forced to change apartments regularly to avoid detection from Russian spies.

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Ovsyannikova left family behind in Russia, including her other child, son Kirill, 17, who believes his mother has ruined their lives and has cut contact.

Her ex-husband, who is a Putin supporter, has similarly disassociated himself from Ovsyannikova.

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