Russian and US military vehicle crash in Syria leaves four American troops injured

A Russian and US military vehicle have crashed into each other in northeastern Syria, leaving four American troops injured, US officials say.

The collision is being described as the most “violent” and “serious” in months, amid major tensions in the region.

Video footage shows a Russian tank sideswipe a light-armoured US military vehicle in Haseke, which prompted furious shouting on both sides.

US troops are usually accompanied by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces when travelling through the area.

A Russian helicopter was also seen flying overhead – coming within just 20m (70ft) of the vehicles.

Moscow has accused the US military of trying to hinder a Russian patrol, with Valery Gerasimov – chief of the Russian military’s general staff – telling his American counterpart in a phone call that Russia had warned the US-led international coalition in Syria about the movements of the patrol.

One US official said the incident happened inside the eastern Syria deconfliction zone, from where Russian troops are largely banned.

Some of the injured Americans suffered concussions, the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said.

The incident is being discussed by senior officials in the region who work to de-escalate tensions there.

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