Russia working to use unmatched arsenal as Moscow scientists look into plasma physics

Russia ‘has scientific expertise’ in defence says expert

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Speaking to, weapons technology expert James Peddell warned how heavy investment and research into hypersonic missiles are a concerning advancement for Russia which the West have been unable to match. The former Ministry of Defence research director and now director of Black Jellyfish consultants warned the arsenal Russia is potentially developing could end up being able to dodge Western missile defence systems, 

Russia, like China, have made huge strides into hypersonic missile technology following the development of 3M22 Zircon which can change direction and speed mid-flight, unlike conventional missiles which follow a trajectory.

Explaining the development, Mr Peddell said: “We all know that Russia has thousands of nuclear warheads. Over the last twenty years, the West have been developing missile defence systems to be able to counter, so that they can take down any nuclear weapons.

“That is part of the concern that Russia have, where the US are able to place these missile defence systems… it is part of their concern.”

But he warned: “However, if Russia are able to demonstrate they have weapons which cannot be detected by the missile defence systems, then their threat is still valid.”

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While not a new threat, Mr Peddell noted, the threat is there now and will remain a concern as long as Russia have a nuclear weapon capability.

He said: “The US have tried to counter that threat by putting in a defence system which would, in theory, make that Russian nuclear capability less of a threat.

“And the Russians are trying to make sure they can defeat that defence system.”

He described the arms race as a “continuous game of cat and mouse” before warning of the advances Russia have made ahead of the west on the “military-specific, high-end technology” front.

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The weapons technology expert stressed how the Russias have been “quite capable” in developing technology in this field, as he highlighted the advances the nation’s scientists have made.

But in a chilling revelation, he warned: “They have scientific expertise in the depth of advance materials and plasma physics.

“All the areas you need to try and develop those hypersonic weapons.”

It comes amid yet more soaring tensions after Russia are believed to have launched a “false flag” attack in the Donbas region of Ukraine on Thursday, where it shelled a kindergarten injuring two people.

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The attack was confirmed as a false flag attack by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, despite Russia accusing Ukraine of the shelling, which is just one of alleged 41-bomb attacks to rain down in the eastern Donbas region on Thursday.

Experts fear the attack is intended to be a pretext for a Russian invasion as Russia have now blamed Kyiv for the shellings. 

The attack is the latest in a marked spike in tensions after the US accused Russia of a “fake” withdrawal of troops from the border with Ukraine, adding to further speculation of what Putin is planning.

This was rumbled after Western intelligence estimated a further 7,000 Russian troops have now joined up with an estimated 150,000 Russian troops now surrounding Ukraine.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has now warned Russian President Putin could extend the crisis for months to come, she is due to visit Kiev this week, after missing Mr Johnson’s trip due to contracting COVID-19.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Ms Truss said: “We must not be lulled into a false sense of security by Russia claiming that some troops are returning to their barracks, while in fact, the Russian military build-up shows no signs of slowing.

“There is currently no evidence the Russians are withdrawing from border regions near Ukraine.

We must have no illusions that Russia could drag this out much longer in a brazen ploy to spend weeks more – if not months – subverting Ukraine and challenging Western unity. This is a test of our mettle.”

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace confirmed the UK was doubling its military presence in Estonia, as well as sending more tanks and armoured vehicles to the Baltic state.

He told Sky News on Wednesday: “What we haven’t seen is evidence of withdrawal that has been claimed by the Kremlin. Until we see a proper de-escalation we should all be cautious about the direction of travel from the Kremlin.”

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