Russia using Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant to store weapons in major security violation VIDEO

Ukraine: Russia allegedly using Zaporizhzhia plant for supplies

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Ukraine has suspected that Russian soldiers have been using the nuclear plant to hide their weapons and heavy artillery equipment for the ongoing war. The video footage shows a large military vehicle driving through the plant from one of the side entrances, before entering and disappearing off camera. The facility is the 9th largest in the world, and the Russian takeover of the plant has been causing much worry for military experts, as it is still unknown what Putin might do next with access to the plant.

The video footage follows a Russian armoured vehicle entering the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant.

The vehicle can be seen driving through the plant towards one of the entrances before disappearing inside.

It is currently unknown what the Russian vehicle was dropping off, or picking up on the base.

But Ukrainian intelligence has suspected they are storing weapons and heavy artillery systems.

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Users on social media have been reacting to the video footage.

One user @TTreehill said: “The USA proxy war draws to a close.”

@Shiblatown said: “Risk of thousands dead and generations impacted, eh? Amnesty International is not impressed.”

@ControlCompli8 said: “Totally a valid reason to shell the plant and potentially create a very serious hazard…”

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Ukraine: Strikes reported near nuclear power station

@Nabatean92 said: “Where is Amnesty International’s outrage about this?”

@BrianKotF said: “A question to all Allies. How long will you think about supplying long-range missiles? If Ukraine had them then Russians wouldn’t be transferring so much equipment from Crimea. Where are the missile defence systems? How are they supposed to defend their bases and our supplies?”

@SageRotten said: “Looks like a good candidate for a chemical attack.”

@Chr1ssp_ said: “They were shelling it while it was under Ukrainian control and besieged by Russian forces. There was even a Livestream of the entrance of the NPP with Russian forces shooting at the buildings.”

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There have been ongoing fears that Russia will use nuclear weapons on Ukraine in order to gain the upper hand during this war.

General Sir Richard Barrons said if Putin “senses strategic defeat, he is likely to employ tactical nuclear weapons”.

He added: “Before the end of this year, Russia will have declared areas of occupied Ukraine part of the Russian state.

“So should a Ukrainian offensive roll over this new self-declared border, the use of nuclear weapons to break up the attack will be on the table.

“Using online tools such as Nukemap, a 10 kiloton warhead detonated 2,200ft over a town the size of Kramatorsk in the Donbas would produce a fireball with a radius of around 500ft, a fatal radiation dose out to about 0.6 miles, blast damage enough to collapse buildings and cause third-degree burns a mile away.

“It would break windows 2.6 miles away.”


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