Russia-Ukraine LIVE: Deeply disappointed! Kiev fury as self-loving Scholz plan backfires

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The German Chancellor has drawn criticism after meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and claiming that no other country had supported Ukraine as much as Germany had. In a joint press conference held after the crisis talks, Mr Scholz promised to give Ukraine an additional £150million but fell short of promising them the weapons they need to defend themselves as Russian soldiers amass on the border. Andrij Melnyk, the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, said: “Deeply disappointed by the alleged partner Germany. About the self-love with which many Germans prefer their help to Ukraine.”


Boris Johnson to lead COBRA meeting today

Boris Johnson will chair a meeting of the government’s COBRA emergency committee today after speaking with top security officials yesterday.

The Prime Minister cut short a planned overnight stay in Cumbria on Monday in order to return to Downing Street to chair today’s meeting.

Russian invasion ‘would not stop at Ukraine’, says Foreign Secretary

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has warned that Russia would “not stop at Ukraine” if it invaded.

Speaking on Sky News, she said: “The big risk, of course, is if there is an invasion into Ukraine that will be hugely damaging for Russia and Ukraine. And it will further undermine the stability of Europe.

“This, I fear, would not stop at Ukraine. This is an attack on the neighbouring states of Russia and other east European countries in trying to undermine legitimacy of them being part of NATO.”

‘Very dangerous moment for the world,’ warns Liz Truss

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has described the current escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine as being a “very dangerous moment for the world”. 

Speaking on Sky News, she said: “If we saw an invasion into Ukraine, there would be severe costs in terms of a long-running conflict, we could see the undermining of security more broadly in Europe and could see other aggressors around the world see it as an opportunity to expand their ambitions too.

“This is a very dangerous moment for the world.

“This is, of course, about Ukraine, which is an important sovereign nation but it’s also about the wider stability of Europe and it’s about wider global security.”

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