Russia storing weapons and explosives at nuclear plant to avoid Ukraine attacks

Russian forces are rumoured to be stashing munitions, weapons and explosives at a nuclear power plant in the hope of avoiding ongoing Ukrainian attacks.

Vladimir Putin's troops are reportedly moving heavy weapons and explosives to a nuclear power plant based in Zaporizhzhia, a city based in south-eastern Ukraine.

Moving the weapons and munitions come as Ukrainian forces gear up their attacks against invading Russian soldiers, who are now having to fend off drone strikes and a flurry of attacks from Ukrainian troops.

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Their attacks are believed to be dealing heavy blows, nearly causing a "catastrophe" for Russian forces, one source has claimed.

Ukraine correspondent for the BBC James Waterhouse has claimed that Ukrainian sources have pinpointed the location of the weaponry to a nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhia.

According to Ukraine's state nuclear energy company, Russian forces have been moving explosives and heavy weapons to the site and also accused Ukraine of firing on it with a drone.

Waterhouse wrote: "Invading troops are storing explosives and heavy weapons at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant – according to Ukraine's state nuclear energy company.

"Russia has in turn accused Ukraine of firing on it twice from a drone, almost causing a 'catastrophe'."

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The news of Russia's movement of weaponry and accusation of Ukrainian drone strikes comes after a bizarre claim that Ukraine has "mutant troops".

The Daily Star reported the wild allegation, which insisted that "secret bio-labs" were being used to make Ukrainian troops that could withstand more than their fair share of damage.

Russian mouthpieces have blamed the "superhuman troopers" for dealing heavy damage to invading Russian forces, with two law experts insisting that the "murder machines" were created with "performance-enhancing drugs".

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