Russia runs out of hospital beds for wounded troops

Animal charity in Ukraine shares heartbreaking cases of injuries

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To cope with the numbers of maimed troops, Putin has has reportedly ordered the mass use of civilian hospitals.

This is seen as a direct consequences of his mass mobilisation just a few weeks ago when civilians were mobilised.

These troops, thrown almost immediately from civilian life into combat, are beginning to come back bloodied and battered.

Putin has now allegedly demanded from his health and defence ministries to use non-military hospitals to cope with the wounded.

The Kremlin said the aim was to commandeer beds to “provide individuals who have participated in the special military operation with in-patient medical care and rehabilitation”.

The ‘special military operation’ is how Russia describes its illegal invasion of Ukraine.

Said decision to mobilise the non-civilian hospitals comes just days after Russia suffered one of the worst attacks by Ukraine since the war began 10 months ago.

The attack, on Makiivka on New Year’s Eve, killed around 89 Russia soldiers said the Kremlin. However, Ukraine said the death toll could be as high as 400.

Regardless of the death too, a blame game has now been engaged in by some of Putin’s generals.

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One Lt-Gen Sergey Sevryukov has tried to blame the victims of the attack.

He said their banned use of mobile phones made their location visible to Ukrainian intelligence which allowed them to target the barracks.

The Lt-Gen said: “A commission is working to investigate what happened.

“But even today it is clear that the main reason was personnel switching on and using mobile phones within the enemy reach zone.”

He added: “This allowed the enemy to detect the personnel’s coordinates for the missile strike.”

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Meanwhile, wives of Russian soldiers killed in the attack have begun to raise concerns after another disaster for aggressors.

Speaking to iStores independent media, the relatives said the soldiers were “turned into mincemeat” and blamed the “criminal commanders” who they say practically invited Ukraine to strike.

One said: “There are a lot of people who turned into minced meat. They were not even allowed to take the deceased men, and did not allow them to be buried.

“Many were thrown around so much they can’t be put together. I know that literally they were wiping their brains off their boots.”

Even those awarded by Putin have now started to criticise the Kremlin including Semyon Pegov who said their version of events was “not too convincing”.

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