Russia resorts to growing ferocity as troops irritated over speed of Ukraine advance

Russia to use 'increased ferocity' amid slow advance says expert

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Russian attacks on the Azovstal steel plant have intensified as Ukrainian resistance continues with the hope to defend the besieged Mariupol. Colonel Richard Kemp warned Russians are “irritated” as the advance is taking longer than excepted, with the pivotal Victory Day celebrations approaching in Russia. Col Kemp said Russian troops will be using “increasing ferocity” to make sure the occupation of Azovstal plant will be completed as soon as possible. 

He warned this could include “flooding of cellars” where Ukrainian soldiers are hiding.

Speaking at GB News, Col Kemp said: “I think the Russians are now irritated at the amount of time it is taking to finally reduce Mariupol.

“And I think Mariupol effectively is defeated.

“[Mariupol] is in Russian hands now with the exception of some fighters who are remaining to provide a form of resistance.

“But it is not very effective and it won’t stop the Russians doing anything they need to do.

“But they just need to get rid of them.

“So I think they will use maybe as we are hearing already today increasing ferocity to clear them out of there.

“And it probably won’t take much longer.

“I have heard talks of Russians considering flooding the cellars and the chambers where they are hiding in.

“In order to either drown them or flush them out.”

He concluded: “I think that is quite a likely possibility if they haven’t already done it”. 

Despite more than 100 people, including women, the elderly, and children, having been evacuated over the weekend from the plant in an operation conducted by the UN and the Red Cross, a few hundred civilians are believed to be still trapped inside the plant, Ukraine government confirmed.

Russia said that it would open another evacuation corridor over the next few days as to allow civilians still trapped inside the plant to escape. 


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However, despite the Russian claims over opening corridors, Ukrainians fighters at Azovstal steel plant said that Russian troops have now started storming the plant making the evacuation unsafe to civilians. 

President Zelensky said that by storming the plant, Russian forces are violating agreements for safe evacuations.

In light of the Russian operation now taking place at Azovstal plant, President Zelensky said: “All of these crimes will be answered, legally and quite practically on the battlefield”. 

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