Russia posts Belgorod battle pics claiming victory as staged allegations fly

Russia has claimed insurgents who crossed the border into Belgorod have been defeated, but some think the evidence doesn’t add up.

Villages close to the Ukrainian border were evacuated by authorities as Russia now claims that 70 attackers have been killed.

At the time of writing, there is no conclusive evidence other than Russia claims as arguments and mystery are surrounding both sides.

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Russia claims that the people involved in the attack were Ukrainian – Kyiv denies this – and two Russian paramilitary groups have claimed to have been involved.

Who the attackers are and whether or not they are still alive also remains unverified, however, Moscow has been keen to share images purporting to show the destroyed equipment and vehicles of the insurgents.

Images circulating widely online show personnel carriers in various states of disuse – some have bullet holes in them, some damaged glass and flat tyres.

Prolific open-source intelligence monitor OSINTdefender has shared the images, pointing out the groups that claimed they were involved have said they are yet to suffer any casualties.

It wrote on Twitter: “The Incursion into the Belgorod Region of Western Russia appears to be over now as Russian Forces have Recaptured the Grayvoron Border Checkpoint, so far the ‘Freedom of Russia Legion and Russian Volunteer Corps’ have claimed they suffered No Casualties during the Attack, however, Russian Security Forces have managed to Capture/Destroy multiple Armor Vehicles used by the Group.”

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It later added: "[The] photos have been Geolocated to the Grayvoron Border Checkpoint so they are definitely there, whether they were 'Staged' by Russian Forces is a whole different situation that is almost impossible to determine."

One particularly horrific but unverified image shows a charred body lying next to a vehicle.

Efforts have been made by open-source monitors to confirm whether or not Russia is back in control of the territory, with many thinking this might be the case.

However, some have pointed out that images used for the geolocation efforts have confusing elements, claiming that instead it could have been done with a flatbread and crane.

One even pointed out that the wheels of some of the trucks that appear to have been destroyed have no dirt on them and don't look like they’ve been used but rather "choreographed".

Other elements of the image have also been called into question, such as a lack of tyre marks on the ground and a lack of displaced soil in areas where the vehicle appears to have slammed into the earth.

Others online have been left confused by dust on the steering wheel that looks like the vehicles haven't been used to a lack of blood on interiors in vehicles that have allegedly been shot into.

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