Russia mix up The Sims game for SIM cards in staged assassination attempt

Russian security services are being accused of staging a 'false flag' assassination attempt after publishing photos of confiscated copies of The Sims computer game that some are speculating were mistaken for phone SIM cards.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation released the bizarre photos on Monday alongside an announcement they had arrested six neo-Nazis working in league with Ukraine to kill a popular Russian TV host in Moscow.

The apparent target was Kremlin mouthpiece Vladimir Solovyov who had met Vladimir Putin in person, reports New York Post.

The Russian federal police (FSB) claimed to have recovered “an improvised explosive device, eight improvised incendiary devices of the Molotov cocktail type, six PM pistols, a sawn-off hunting rifle, an RGD-5 grenade, more than a thousand cartridges of various calibers, drugs, [and] fake Ukrainian passports” from raiding the alleged hide-out, along with “nationalist literature and paraphernalia.”

The apparent plot involved using a car bomb and the FSB claim Ukrainian security services were involved.

Photos of the haul were released by FSB with one photo showing a crisp red t-shirt with a swastika on it, inexplicably laid out next to three copies of the video game “The Sims 3.”

“Who knew they were so into The Sims 3?” BBC journalist Francis Scarr asked quipped on Twitter.

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“Somebody from the top most likely wrote: “3 симки” (“three SIM cards”), and some genius obeyed,” someone responded.

Eliot Higgins, the founder of investigative research group Bellingcat and an expert on Russian intelligence, agreed saying: “I genuinely believe this is a dumb FSB officer being told to get 3 SIMs,”

Another clue to operational incompetence was revealed when the Russian state news agency RIA published a picture of an inscription in an unidentified book supposedly recovered in the arrest. It was signed in Russian with the words “signature illegible.”

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