Russia ‘launches second hypersonic missile known as the Sizzler into Ukraine

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Russia has claimed it has launched a second deadly hypersonic missile, nicknamed the Sizzler by NATO, at Ukraine, after Putin gave the order to do it for the first time ever yesterday (March 19).

The Russian military said yesterday that it used the Kinzhal hypersonic missile to destroy an underground ammunition depot in Delyatyn, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, according to local news outlet Zvezda.

Now, Kalibr cruise missiles, which can travel at up to five times the speed of sound, have been launched from ships in the Black Sea off the coast of Crimea at Ukrainian military infrastructure, Russia's Defence Ministry said.

Reports suggest strikes were carried out on the evening of March 19 and the morning of March 20.

The strikes hit a site in the city of Nizhyn in Chernihiv state, 116 miles northeast of Kyiv.

Spokesman Igor Konashenkov said: "Workshops at the Nizhyn repair plant used for the repair of Ukrainian armoured vehicles damaged in combat operations were destroyed with sea-based Kalibr cruise missiles launched from the waters of the Black Sea."

Konashenkov added that Kalibr missiles launched from the Caspian Sea and Kinzhal hypersonic missiles launched from airspace over Crimea had also destroyed an important Ukrainian base used for storing fuel and lubricants near Kostayantynivka, in the Mykolaiv region in southern Ukraine.

Sunday's launch of Kinzhal missiles hasn't been officially verified. However, they were used on Saturday, March 19, in western Ukraine.

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It reportedly destroyed a large underground warehouse containing missiles and aviation ammunition in the village of Deliatyn in the Ivano-Frankivsk region.

The Kh-47M2 Kinzhal air-launched ballistic missile, is allegedly capable of reaching Mach 10 speeds (7672 mph) and distances up to 1700 miles. It can also theoretically carry a nuclear warhead.

For comparison, the US Tomahawk cruise missile is subsonic, meaning that it is slower than the speed of sound, and travels around 550 mph, and goes a maximum distance of around 1500 miles.

Details about the operation remain scarce, but Russia has previously bragged about its hypersonic weapons arsenal.

The Kremlin said the deadly weapon, which carries a conventional or nuclear warhead, is “unstoppable”.

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Speaking at an energy forum in Moscow last year, Putin also said that his "intercontinental" weapons can travel five times faster than those being developed in America.

He bragged with pride: "This is not just a hypersonic, this is an intercontinental missile.

"This is a much more serious weapon than you just said. And they are already on alert in Russia.

"Weapons with a speed of Mach 3 or more are being developed in the United States. Our systems fly at a speed of over Mach 20."

The term ‘hypersonic speed’ is widely defined as any speed beyond Mach 5, meaning five times faster than the speed of sound.

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