Russia gives Iran seized British weapons

Ukraine: Russia ‘trying to do three things at once’ says expert

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A security source has revealed that under the darkness of night, Russia exchanged cash and British and US weapons for drones from Iran. The Kremlin has given Tehran over £125million in cash alongside the weapons which have been captured from Ukrainian forces.

A British anti-tank missile was part of the exchange for unmanned drones which will be used to attack Ukraine.

Sky News reported on Tuesday that the cash and weaponry were flown into Tehran on a Russian military aircraft on August 20 at 1:17am, according to satellite images.

According to a security source, the plane was carrying a British NLAW anti-tank missile, a US Javelin anti-tank missile and a US Stinger anti-aircraft missile.

The machinery “fell into the wrong hands” after being meant for Ukrainian troops, Sky News said.

It is now thought that Iran will examine and “reverse-engineer” the machinery in order to create their own weapons.

According to the source, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has the capabilities to understand the technology and said: “They will probably be reverse-engineered and used in future wars.”

The Ministry of Defence is attempting to verify the legitimacy of the reports made by Sky.

According to a British military source: “We have not had a chance to go through it [the report] yet and clarify anything that has been alleged.

“We are trying to assess this and verify the report.”

In response, it is expected that Western Governments will close in on Iran to pressure it from any future exchanges and deals with Russia.

As part of the exchange, Iran gave Moscow 160 drones, including 100 Shahed-136 drones which have devastated cities in Ukraine and its infrastructure.

The Shahed-136 aerial vehicles are controlled from the ground with a range of 600 miles and a speed on 111mph, they are designed to explode on impact.

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Sky’s source warned that “there will be another big supply of UAVs from Iran soon” following a £175million deal for another delivery of drones in Russia.

The drones have severely crippled Ukraine’s impressive counter-offensive which has used up many of its treasured stockpile of Western military aid.

Senior research fellow at think tank Royal United Services Institute, Justin Bronk, said: “If Iran hasn’t supplied the Shaheds, it would be significantly less effective in terms of the Russian strike campaign against Ukrainian electrical infrastructure and water.”

Ukraine’s ambassador to the UK has also said that Iran has stuck a deal to give ballistic missiles to Russia which Vadym Prystaiko warned poses a severe threat to Ukraine, though Iran has denied the claim.

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