Rude-shape sculpture to McDonalds chair – Weirdest places people have got stuck

★It's all fun and games – until someone gets trapped behind an arcade machine and has to be rescued by firefighters.

Yesterday we told how that happened to one unfortunate man in Skegness.

★But he’s just the latest in a long line of people to get stuck in embarrassing places, as NADINE LINGE reveals…

Rude-shape sculpture

In 2014 a US exchange student was left red-faced when he got trapped inside a sculpture shaped like a woman’s private parts. It took more than 20 firefighters to release the lad after he became lodged in the 32-tonne installation in Germany in a bid for a pic.


Norwegian Cato Berntsen Larsen went down the pan when he lowered himself into a loo to retrieve a friend’s phone and got stuck in the tank below.

The 20-year-old climbed feet first into the public facility after his friend dropped the phone while urinating and vomited as he stood thigh-deep in human waste. He spent an hour totally enclosed before firefighters freed him.

Another toilet

Gracie Henderson was flushed with embarrassment when she got her hand stuck in a toilet in Texas.

She caught her watch down the tight gap while using her arm as a makeshift plunger. Video shows her being escorted from her home – hand wedged in the U-bend.

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Child’s swing

In May, firefighters issued a warning after 21 young people became stuck in playground swings as part of a TikTok craze. London Fire Brigade even tweeted footage of them dismantling a swing so a 14-year-old girl could get out.

McDonald’s high chair

One late-night reveller had a not-very-happy meal at McDonald’s in Basildon, Essex, when she clambered into a child’s high chair – and got stuck.

Pals tried to pull her out, before dragging her and the chair to the counter for assistance. Maccy D’s later warned against messing with equipment meant for children.

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Vending machine

A hungry office worker got her arm trapped for 20 minutes in a vending machine and needed 13 firefighters to get her out.

The 30-year-old had tried to reach a packet of crisps in the food tray but lodged her elbow and her workmates couldn’t get it to budge. A crowbar had to be used at the offices of American Express in Croydon, south London.

Recycling bin

A woman stood on a crate emptying bottles into recycling bins at Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre, Kent, when she was nudged by a passing car.

She toppled in, got her head and shoulders stuck and was seen with just her legs kicking away. Rescuers sawed through the bin to release her.

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Ella Birchenough was stuck up to her waist after lifting a drain cover and squeezing down to retrieve a dropped phone. Ella, 16, from Dover, Kent, was released by fire crews uninjured.

Washing machine

A man in Melbourne, Australia, decided to give his girlfriend a sexy surprise in 2014 by climbing into their top-loading washing machine naked but couldn’t get out again, inset. Rescuers greased him with oil and yanked him out.

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