Royal Navy sailors disgusted as maggots and bugs crawling over fridges at base

Royal Navy sailors have expressed their disgust at being forced to live in "absolutely horrendous conditions" at their HMS Collingwood base in Fareham, Hampshire.

Morale is said to be at an all-time low following a flood at the site earlier this week.

According to The News several sailors, who wish to remain anonymous, have revealed the site has been plagued with numerous problems in recent months, with silverfish and maggots spotted living in fridge freezers and hot water and heating not working for several weeks.

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In addition the staff allege they were forced to cram into crowded dorms during the flood and have been threatened with disciplinary action if they made any problems public knowledge.

The sailors say additional long-running problems include broken showers and radiators, blocked and overflowing toilets, and fire alarms that sound continuously late at night.

And conditions are so bad they have dubbed the base "HMS Collingrad" in reference to Stalingrad (now Volgograd) – the Russian city that was devastated in World War 2.

One of the sailors told the outlet: "The state of the accommodation is ridiculous. We have reported it formally – and we have been told to get on with it. I know for a fact there's multiple complaints every week.

"We have all been put in overcrowded rooms, rooms for two have had six or seven people in. Some in mixed blocks."

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The sailor continued: "The worst I have seen would be maggots and other insects living on a fridge door. We are all just fed up. People are wanting to hand their chit in and get gone if they are able to. We just want them to acknowledge there is something they can do and it's not our fault."

Addressing concerns, a Royal Navy spokeswoman, meanwhile said the force was "aware of the current issues being experience at HMS Collingwood".

She said: "The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) has confirmed that they are working with contractors to fix the issues as quickly as possible. Personnel across the site are being given regular updates."

The spokeswoman added that recent flooding was caused by "excessive rain rather than infrastructure problems", adding that although personnel had to be moved there was "no impact on training, or the safety and care" of staff.


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