Royal Family made deeply regrettable Meghan Markle mistake, saya royal expert

Upon Meghan Markle's engagement to Prince Harry in 2017 the royal family made the fatal mistake of not introducing the Duchess of Sussex to royal journalists, a royal expert said.

Writing for The Telegraph, Camilla Tominey argued if Meghan had met with Palace experts in the same way as Kate Middleton before her wedding to Prince William, relations might've been smoother.

Tominey used the example of Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, who was hated by the press during the 1990s but now gets on with royal hacks.

She wrote over the weekend: "I’ve just written a piece on the Duchess of Cornwall, out this weekend, in which a former aide commented on how much she enjoyed speaking to us hacks.

"This is despite the tabloids spending most of the 1990s and early-2000s vilifying her as 'the most hated woman in Britain' and 'public enemy number one.'

"'She loves a gossip, she loves a good story and she knows journalists are inherently interesting people,' insisted the source.

"What Camilla was put through makes Prince Harry and Meghan’s treatment by the newspapers look like a walk in the park – and yet the Sussexes remain the most anti-press of all."

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Meghan and Harry's press-sceptical stance has been costly to both sides, with the Mail on Sunday forced to pay millions of pounds in legal fees after a High Court ruling.

The court ruled the paper breached Markle's privacy by publishing letters from her dad.

But Meghan has equally been forced to spend great amounts of time dealing with the press when she could have been focused on good causes such as her 40×40 initiative.

Tominey said all sides in the ongoing conflict will be left to regret the royals' failure to get Meghan press-savvy in the same way Kate Middleton was.

She added: "I have always thought it deeply regrettable that the palace never properly introduced Meghan to the royal press pack – as they did when then Kate Middleton became engaged to Prince William.

"It is only really when the Royal family and journalists meet face to face that both sides come to realise that there is probably more that unites them than divides them."

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