Restaurant slammed after putting up sign promoting pie and pint for only £17

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A trendy eatery has been slammed online after they put a sign outside promoting a deal where a pie and a pint costs "only £17."

A shocked Reddit user uploaded a photo of the the sign to the site, with the tongue-in-cheek caption "only…", to the disgust of fellow users.

The sign, believed to have been spotted in London, featured playful drawings of a pie and a pint, before getting into the nitty gritty of the price.

Alongside the price is details of the deal which spans Monday and Tuesday, leaving some commenters fearful of "the price from Wednesday on."

"Pie and pint only £17 Mon-Tue," the sign reads.

Although an increase in price is to be expected in the notoriously expensive capital, many commenters thought getting a few coins in change from a £20 note was over the top.

"I walk past the place regularly and am bemused each time, glad I’m not the only one," said one commenter, adding that the establishment is in Bank, in the centre of the city, near the financial district.

A second person added: "The food is good to be fair but that price is depressing."

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"999: Hello, Police? I’ll like to report a crime," added another. "Is the pie covered with gold dust?" offered another bemused user.

Another person said that the establishment charges a £15.50 flat rate for a pie, while pints usually cost in the region of £7-8.

The dish is even more expensive than Gordon Ramsay's fish and chips from his new Bread Street Kitchen & Bar in Liverpool.

For the price of a pint in the London eatery, 23-year-old Chloe Fletcher got the "worst cheesy chips of her life" at a festival last year.

Chloe was charged a staggering £7 for the "laughable rip-off" at house music festival Beach Jam in Redcar, North Yorkshire in August.

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