Real life Spider-Man saves scared boy, 4, stuck up 50ft-high fairground slide

A man who dresses up as Spider-Man took on super hero status of his own saving a stuck four-year-old boy.

Martial arts expert Jason Baird, 36, earned royal recognition last year for entertaining locked down kids, which led to a chat with Kate Middleton and then a Christmas card from Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Jason's stunts in fancy dress two years ago saw him dubbed the 'Stockport Spider-Man' but it was the Geronimo family festival at Arley Hall, Cheshire on Sunday where his heroics really came to light.

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A boy, four, started panicking while stuck near the top of a 50ft 'helter skelter' slide which he desperately tried to climb up as other children readied themselves to follow him down, Manchester Evening News reports.

Seeing the boy in distress, plain-clothed dad Jason from Reddish, ran up and scooped the sobbing child into his arms and slid back down to safety.

Jason told the M.E.N: "Honestly, anybody would have done what I did yesterday.

"I was just on a day out with my family. We were waiting for a ride and we saw a little lad at the top of the helter skelter ride, standing up. He had slid down maybe five or six feet but then had stood up and started to climb back up.

"He was right on the edge maybe 50 or 60ft in the air. I don't think his parents even saw it at the time. He was scared and trying to get back up but another little girl had already set off and bumped into him.

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"It was as if he was going to fall over the side and it was a 50 or 60ft drop over the side."

He continued: "The mother then saw what was happening and was getting irate and saying 'my little boy is up there and he's going to fall'. The guy who was running it was walking up the stairs but there was a queue of kids.

"I left my lad and ran up the slide and got to the top. When I got to him he was crying his eyes out. He must have been about four years of age. I picked him up and turned him around and said 'weee, here we go'. I tried to make it fun for him. I was met at the bottom by his mum.

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"It was just a spur of the moment thing. Anybody would have done the same. God forbid, another 20 or 30 seconds and he could have gone over because there were other kids sliding down and he would have fallen."

A photograph of Jason in the air midway through a somersault has been chosen as one of 100 final portraits for the Duchess of Cambridge's 'Hold Still' project – a book of images creating a combined snapshot of the UK in lockdown.


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