Raunchy couple performing balcony sex act spotted by shocked Google Maps users

A Google Maps user was left stunned after they spotted a daring couple performing a sex act on a balcony.

The raunchy couple were captured mid-way through engaging in oral sex outside of their apartment in broad daylight.

The woman could be seen arched in a "yoga" pose as she seemingly performed the act on the man sitting on a chair.

The image, which was taken in the city of Guelph in Canada, left people howling over the position.

Reddit user u/zachvv12 uploaded a screenshot of the map and said: "I was looking to see if the condo had a nice view."

The post seemed to be a hit after it received 690 upvotes.

One person said: "Depends on your perspective apparently."

While another commented: You have the whole house for yourselves and you do it here. Wtf." A third wrote: "What an uncomfortable posture."

Earlier this month, another randy couple were found on Google Maps while they were caught having sex on top of a car on a remote road.

Reddit users questioned why the pair decided to get intimate in such a compromising and "uncomfortable" place.

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Posted to the subreddit r/GoogleMapsShenanigans, the image shows two people getting it on while placed on the bonnet of a grey VW.

"Getting caught in 4k by the van," joked one user.

"This is how we all got here," another commented. While a third questioned: "But why do it there?"

Some users speculated that the pair had chosen, what they had thought to be a hidden location, because they were having an affair.

One person asked: "Two vehicles, did google maps catch an affair?"

"If it was the UK I'd say it was a dogging site," another added.

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