Rats and flies infest street forcing homeowners to sell over smell like death

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A residential estate in Greater Manchester is forcing fed-up homeowners to sell up after their life has been blighted by rats, insects and smells.

Residents on Great Oak Drive in Altrincham say their lives are being made a misery due to work on a nearby waste disposal unit.

Locals say the work at the unit is causing vermin, flies and dust to roam the area, as well as awful smells.

One resident called Katarina, who did not want to give her full name, bought her flat last year and said she would never have bought it had she known of the issues.

Speaking to Manchester Evening News, Katarina said: “The amount of dust I’m getting is ridiculous. The windows get washed weekly but I don’t feel like they ever get washed.

“I like having herb gardens but I’m not sure I can eat them.

“I had to buy fly traps. I got about 20 flies overnight. When I first moved in, I thought something had died in my flat.”

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Another resident has claimed to see vermin running rampant around the streets and says they have seen up to four dead rats in the street.

They said: “It impacts on how you feel about where you live. I’ve seen them wandering through our garden.

“Imagine if you saw rats running around the street every time you came home.

“One day, I saw four dead rats on the road.”

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The Environment Agency is carrying out an investigation following complaints of infestations from locals but the site was recently inspected in June 2021 with dust levels not deemed excessive.

Altrincham Today reports that the company being blamed by locals is Allen’s Waste Disposal Limited, which has dealt with commercial and domestic waste since the 1950s.

David Allen, owner of Allen’s Waste Disposal Limited, said: "I feel like we are being victimised.

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"We were here first. They were built around us.

"We're a third generation business. We have been here for 60 years."

Mr Allen also confirmed they have pest control and pay for it themselves every month.

In response to the dust, he says a local builders is located next door and it is not "just us".

Mr Allen said waste is only left at the site for a week before it is moved on.

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In response to the residents' claims, a spokesperson for Trafford Council said: “The main regulator for the site is the Environment Agency and Trafford Council works closely with them on matters which fall under our control.

We take concerns from residents very seriously and regularly meet with Environment Agency colleagues to highlight residents’ concerns and ensure there is a coordinated approach to regulating the site.

“If residents do have any concerns, they should contact the Environment Agency or Trafford Council’s Environmental Health team.”

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