Raging wife chops off husband’s manhood after claims he got other woman pregnant

A middle-aged woman took a knife to her sleeping husband's genitalia after allegedly discovering he was having an affair.

The victim of the attack who is in his early 30s and has been identified as Babangida but is more popularly called Bangis – suffered severe injuries after his wife allegedly attempted to cut off his penis.

Bangis survived the horror assault after midnight at 12:15 on Sunday morning, to be taken to a private hospital for treatment.

When asked by neighbours why she tired to remove her husband’s manhood, the woman replied: “The Bible says we should cut off anything that can make one to sin.”

A community source who is also a neighbour to the victim told Leadership that Bangis went to the market and after a hectic day of sales, he was tired and went home to sleep.

The source said: “In the dawn of the morning, the wife cut the manhood because he impregnated another woman. He fought back and collected the knife from her but she also injured herself in the process.

“The neighbours heard screaming and shouting in the house and they rushed to their house to see the sad incident.”

Bangis suffered the attack because his wife found out another woman is expecting his child.

Further investigations in the Appawa community, a suburb of Lau where the couple live, found that the woman is yet to give birth to Bangis' baby.

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