Racist Karen banned by Uber after N-word tirade against employee

An angry woman spotted hurling insults and racial slurs at her Uber driver on a street has been banned for her comments in a viral video.

The woman, branded a racist "Karen", has since seen social media users dub the America-based lady as "DC Karen", who exploded at an Uber driver.

Appearing to be arguing with her driver over a phone charger, DC Karen exploded in a foul-mouthed outrage that saw her deliver six uses of the N-word as well as a multitude of fuming labels.

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She dubbed her driver a "schizophrenic" as well as "illiterate" in a horrifying meltdown caught on camera.

Footage of the woman showed her yelling: "I employ you. I'm your boss. I'm your f***ing boss."

Her tirade also included the unhinged lady labelling her driver a "slave" in a gut-wrenching altercation that was caught in two separate videos depicting the offensive tirade.

One resident of an apartment building on the street captured the meltdown, as did the Uber driver facing the tirade of abuse from DC Karen, who let loose in the viral clip.

The Uber driver didn't hold back either though, with the service employee calling the woman a coward as well as a "b**ch".

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Details of their altercation are not wholly clear although teh woman screams several times asking the driver for a phone charger, and the refusal appears to have sparked a dreadful response.

DC Karen could be heard screaming: "My phone’s gonna die if you can speak English!"

She added that she had done "nothing wrong" before adding: "I’m white and you’re not. That’s why you don’t like me. Because I read and write."

Neither the identity of DC Karen or the driver have been released, but New York Post reported that the woman has been banned from the driving app.

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