Queens adorable note signed Lilibet by herself, aged 11, made public

An adorable handwritten note from the Queen to her parents when she was just 11 has been made public for the first time ever by The Royal Collection Trust.

The letter from 1937 has given royal fans a glimpse into the sweet thoughtfulness of our monarch's childhood.

It was sweetly addressed to "mamma and papa" and signed from "Lilibet by herself", the loving nickname she was handed by her family when she was a toddler, Mirror reports.

Princess Elizabeth, as she was known back then, wrote the note to mark the Coronation of King George VI.

Little Lilibet provided a detailed description of the goings on during the Coronation, following the abdication of George's brother, Edward VIII.

The 11-year-old future monarch began the sweet letter with explaining how she was woken by the sound of Royal Marines outside her window at 5am.

She recalls being in a dressing gown and watching from her bedroom.

Then she tells how the family go to the nursery to to collect her sister, Princess Margaret.

Young Elizabeth then tells her parents how she and her sister couldn't finish their breakfast due to being too excited about the day ahead.

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The princess then goes into the detail about what the dresses the girls wear and how she loved "little gold bows all the way down the middle".

The future monarch explained how her and Margaret "kissed mummy, and wished her good luck" before the whole family headed to Westminster Abbey.

She signs off the sweet letter with "Lilibet by herself."

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