Queen was greenlighting plans for Prince Harry to lose his final official role

In the final months of her life, Queen Elizabeth II approved plans for Prince Harry to lose his final official royal role, an expert has revealed.

The Duke of Sussex, 38, stepped down as a working royal to peruse a new, independent life in California with his wife Meghan in 2020 but he remains one of five counsellors who can be called on to stand in for the monarch.

Under the 1937 and 1953 Letters Patent, a select group of senior Windsors can undertake most official duties bestowed on his father, King Charles.

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Royal commentator Daniela Elser wrote in her news.com.au column: "Sure, the chances of Harry ever, ever being asked to step in for his dad are about as slim as an Olsen twin on a juice cleanse but it’s the symbolism of the thing."

Prince Harry's disgraced uncle Prince Andrew is also a counsellor and could also, in theory, deputize for King Charles despite his fall from grace following his relationship with convicted sex-traffickers Jeffrey Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell.

The Duke of York denies denies all allegations made against him.

Realising how problematic it would be if either Duke stood in for the sovereign, the Queen put the wheels in motion to expand the number of counsellors to reduce the likelihood of either Andrew or Harry stepping in.

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Elser wrote: "According to both the Times and the Daily Mail, paperwork is set to land in British parliament in a matter of weeks which will amend the Letters Patent and expand the possible candidates, likely adding Princess Anne and Prince Edward to the number, thus ensuring Andrew and Harry will never be tapped as counsellors."

In addition, royal biographer Robert Hardman wrote in the Mail: “These proposals were already being considered some months ago, with the approval of the late Queen.”

Princess Beatrice and Queen Camilla make up the remaining counsellors older than the age of 21.

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