Queen told right-hand woman youre sacked after prank left her horrified

The Queen told a former close aide she was "sacked" after she played a cruel practical joke on her.

Her Majesty is known to enjoy having a laugh, from making “mic drop” jokes with Prince Harry to being a part of the London 2012 Olympics James Bond sketch in the opening ceremony.

But for her close aide Angela Kelly, there was one practical joke which might have gone a little bit too far, and could have cost her her job.

It all stems from an incident during a Royal Tour of Australia in 2006.

Writing about it in her book, The Other Side of the Coin, the dresser recalled how the Queen was keen to see a kookaburra bird while in Australia.

That was all that Angela needed to exploit the situation.

She recalled: “I had something in mind I thought the Queen would enjoy.

“I had told the Queen she had spotted a funny-looking grey bird through the window.

“The Queen looked outside and shouted: 'It's a kookaburra!'

“I went to open the cage doors and she said loudly: 'No! Don't do that! It will fly away!' and was behind me in a flash.

“Turning to her Majesty while trying to keep a straight face, I solemnly told her it was dead.”

Walking towards her with a toy version of the boy, she said how the Queen was “horrified” by the thought of the bird being dead, until she shouted: “April Fool!”

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She added: “She had only two words for me: 'You're sacked'.

“I was laughing uncontrollably as her Majesty turned to His Royal Highness and said: 'Do you know what she has just done to me? Angela has had me!'"

The toy was taken back home to Windsor Castle, where it now sits on the back of a couch in the private living area of the castle.

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