Queen queue mourners slammed in viral post comparing British people to ants

Brits such as those who queued to see the Queen's coffin lying-in-state have been slammed in a now-viral post explaining why we are exactly like ants.

The Venn diagram was shared to Twitter yesterday (September 19). The left circle was titled "British people" and the right "ants".

"Beans and toast" sat distinctly on the left, and "can lift up to 5,000x their own weight" sat on the right, suggesting these are the only characteristics that Brits and ants do not share.

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In the middle – the section containing things that Brits and ants do have in common – there was a list that read: "Weird loyalty to their Queen.

"Innate instinct to line up single-file and travel in a queue.

"Takes things that aren't theirs back to their colony.

"Love for crumbly pastries."

The diagram has been retweeted over 45,000 times and has nearly 370,000 tweets.

Even though most Brits seemed to take the post in good humour, there was one small issue that sparked a major response.

One reply read: "Almost spot on, but beans *ON* toast, it's not like we're having a bowl of heinz baked beans in tomato sauce next to some toast, like it's heinz tomato soup or something, that would be insane!"

A second wrote: "'Beans AND toast'? ON TOAST. It's 'ON TOAST'."

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Then, others noticed another glaring issue with that part of the Venn diagram.

"Tbf [to be fair] maybe if u leave beans on toast near an ant colony they'll take it," one tweet read.

Another Twitter user said: "The greatest error here is that you think ants wouldn't completely gorge on beans on toast."


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