Queen incorporated special touches to her funeral hearse years before she died

The Queen is said to have had a hand in designing the State Hearse that transports her coffin years before she died.

Her Majesty had requested the public have a "clear view" of the coffin inside the vehicle, with designs for the final journey added to from the long-reigning Monarch.

The Royal Household is said to have collaborated with Jaguar Land Rover on the State Hearse that was used today (Monday, September 19) as the Queen's coffin was transported in the state funeral in London.

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It is claimed that the monarch had a hand in the design of the vehicle were heard, addressing both the clear view and the Royal Cypher present on the vehicle.

The State Hearse was said to have been partially designed by Her Majesty, who was consulted on the design of the vehicle that transported her coffin.

Finished in Royal Claret, the same colour as the official Royal and State vehicles kept at Buckingham Palace, the State Hearse was kept within the colour scheme of other Royal Family vehicles.

Her Majesty's Royal Cypher is also featured on the vehicle and it is said that it was specifically designed to give mourners and members of the public a "clear view" of the coffin, The Mirror reported.

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That clear view was presented to mourners watching at home and in the streets of London as the Queen's coffin was transported from Wesminster today.

The Queen's coffin travelled a short distance from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey, pulled along by ropes and a cavalcade of Royal Family members and military members.

Some members of the public were outraged though, as it appeared Prince Harry was "not allowed to salute Queen" at her resting place, Daily Star reported.

The Duke of Sussex instead bowed his head to the coffin, while father King Charles III, in front of the 38-year-old Prince, saluted.

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