Putins pal may have been poisoned after swift exit from Russia with ambulance

Rumours are circulating that Vladimir Putin's ally Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus, was "poisoned" in Russia yesterday (Tuesday, May 9).

Lukashenko made his way to Moscow yesterday for Russia's Victory Day celebrations, marking the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two.

Suggestions that his health was failing were sparked after he was pictured watching on with a bandage around his right hand.

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Then reports emerged that the staunch Putin ally was the only invited head of state who did not walk with the Russian despot to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

A clip showed Lukashenko talking to Putin earlier in the day, with some outlets claiming the Belarusian leader was asking for a vehicle to take him there.

Belarusian political analyst Dmitry Bolkunets reported on Telegram that Lukashenko did not join Putin and the other leaders for a scheduled lunch.

Instead Bolkunets said he left Moscow "due to health reasons". He was reportedly accompanied back to the airport by an ambulance.

Kyiv Post journalist Jason Jay Smart said on Twitter that Bolkunets told him "it is possible that Lukashenko was poisoned".

However, he added: "But in recent days the autocrat has appeared sick several times."

Belarusian political analyst Artyom Shraibman told Newsweek rumours surrounding Lukashenko's health have been circulating for some time.

At one point he was said to be "near his death bed".

There have also been ongoing rumours surrounding Putin's health, with suggestions he is suffering from cancer, Parkinson's disease or both. Rumblings of a psychoactive disorder have done the rounds too.

Some have even suggested a body double has been deployed in place of the tyrant at times.

Lukashenko and Putin have become increasingly close since the latter launched his invasion of Ukraine, with neighbouring Belarus used as a launching point for attacks at times.

That said, Lukashenko has been wary of being drawn into direct military conflict with Ukraine.

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