Putins Kremlin cronies gloat at demise of stupid clown Boris Johnson

Putin's Kremlin cronies have lapped up the demise of 'stupid clown' Boris Johnson, who announced his resignation this afternoon.

The Prime Minister has made a number of foreign enemies during his time in Government, in particular with the EU as a Brexiteer, and Russia with for his support of Ukraine.

"He doesn't like us, we don't like him either," declared Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who then made a sleight when saying they hoped Great Britain would one day get "more professional people" in power, but there was currently "little hope for that".

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Dozens of wealthy, Kremlin-connected, Russians have been sanctioned by Johnson's government, who said their money is no longer welcome in Britain.

"He really does not like us. And we (do not like) him either," said Peskov.

Being one of Ukraine's strongest supporters as it battles Russia, Boris became affectionately known as 'Borys Johnsoniuk', having visited Kyiv twice since the conflict began and forging a personal relationship with Volodymyr Zelensky.

Moscow also said that Britain's political firestorm was proof of a deeper crisis in liberal democracies worldwide.

The top spokeswoman in Russia's foreign ministry, Maria Zakharova, said Johnson's fall was a symptom of the decline of the West, which she said was riven by political, ideological and economic crisis.

"The moral of the story is: do not seek to destroy Russia," Zakharova said.

"Russia cannot be destroyed.

"You can break your teeth on it – and then choke on them."

She then twisted the knife on the PM by gleefully portraying him as the author of his own downfall.

"Boris Johnson was hit by a boomerang launched by himself," she said.

"His comrades-in-arms turned him in."

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Guy Verhofstadt, who served as European Parliament's representative on matters relating to Brexit, expressed his delight at the news from Number 10 today, tweeting: "Boris Johnson's reign ends in disgrace, just like his friend Donald Trump.

"The end of an era of transatlantic populism? Let's hope so.

"EU – UK relations suffered hugely with Johnson's choice of Brexit.

"Things can only get better!"

Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska said on Telegram that it was an "inglorious end" for a "stupid clown" whose conscience would be blighted by "tens of thousands of lives in this senseless conflict in Ukraine".

Even before Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine, Johnson had repeatedly criticised Putin – casting him as a ruthless and possibly irrational Kremlin chief who was endangering the world.

After the invasion, Johnson made Britain one of the biggest Western supporters of Ukraine, sending weapons, slapping some of the most severe sanctions in modern history on Russia and urging Ukraine to defeat Russia's vast armed forces.


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