Putins ex-wifes £6m villa vandalised with F*** Poutine and Ukrainian flags

A property owned by the husband of Vladimir Putin’s ex-wife in France has been vandalised with Ukrainian flags with the message “F*** Poutine” (Putin in French).

Lyudmila Putin, who divorced the Russian leader in 2013, has seen the exterior of her new husband Artur Ocheretny’s south of France property being defaced with blue and yellow paint.

The villa, which is estimated at £6 million according to the Mail, was targeted over the weekend following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

On Saturday (February 27), messages in several languages were posted around the walls of the property, according to French publication Sud Ouest.

These words include "Putin's mafia" written in French and "Slava Ukraina", which means "Glory to Ukraine" in Ukrainian.

More of the walls and gates were vandalised the following day with Ukraine flags painted onto the front of the properties entrance and the words 'F*** Poutine'.

The property, based in the town of Anglet, was bought by Russian businessman Mr Ocheretny in 2013, the same year Lyudmila divorced from Putin.

However, according to Sud Ouest, the property was under extensive renovation work but has not progressed for several years.

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It is believed the property is not lived in by anyone and is currently abandoned.

There have been videos on TikTok of the graffiti to the property with some claiming the house belonged to Putin.

It is unknown whether it was targeted due to people believing it belonged to the Russian leader or due to the connection to him through his ex-wife.

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Lyudmila and Mr Ocheretny bought the villa in 2016 but a neighbour believes Putin’s ex-wife may have had a say on the purchase, according to Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project.

Neighbour only known as Bernard, said: “She came in a car, and there was a young man with her – attractive, a bit ooh-la-la.

“The villa belonged to some French family since forever ago, but they hardly ever came here and a few years ago they sold it.

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“And the buyer is Putin’s ex-wife, we all know this here.”

Putin has been slammed by world leaders for his invasion of Ukraine as his troops continue attacks in the country.

His troops are looking to take the capital Kyiv but Ukrainian forces have stood their ground.

Russian forces continue shelling various Ukrainian cities with Kyiv and Kharkiv sustaining damage.

Moscow earlier claimed it had taken control of the city of Kherson but Ukrainian say the area is still being fought over.

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