Putins deadly arsenal including huge missiles, self-driving truck and robot dog

Vladimir Putin has revealed the full scale of his deadly military arsenal including new missiles, a self-driving truck and a bizarre robot dog.

Russia's International Military-Technical Forum Army-2022 convention is being hosted in Alabino near Moscow all this week, with Russian firms showcasing their latest technologies.

In his opening speech on Monday (August 15) the warmongering dictator bragged about how advanced his weapons are compared to the rest of the world, the Sun reports.

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He said: "We are ready to offer our allies the most modern types of weapons, from small arms to armoured vehicles and artillery to combat aviation and unmanned aerial vehicles.

"Many of them are years, if not decades, ahead of their foreign counterparts. And in terms of tactical and technical characteristics they are significantly superior to them."

Putin added that over 28,000 products would be on display to delegates from 72 countries, brought to the convention by 1,500 Russian firms.

BMP K-17 armoured trucks, Tulpan self-propelled heavy mortar shells and T-72 battle tanks were among the heavy machinery being flogged.

A Russian military student was also pictured being prepared for a "brain test", hooked up to an array of wires by an officer and surrounded by screens displaying complicated diagrams.

Previously, Putin has claimed the Russian Army will soon be able to produce genetically-modified "super soldiers" incapable of feeling "pain or fear".

A prototype for the Ural "first self-driving military truck" was also spotted, a fearsome machine that can reportedly travel at 80km/h.

Then there was the slightly less impressive M-81 Complex robot dog produced by developers Intellect Machines JSC.

The freakish contraption appeared moving rapidly around the exhibition hall with a giant RPG strapped to its back. Russian state media outlet RIA Novosti bragged that it was "capable of conducting aimed shooting and transporting weapons".

However, according to The Insider – a media outlet that investigates Russian propaganda – it was just a Chinese house robot that is "essentially a toy" with a weapon attached.

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The Go1 bot from Chinese company Unitree Robotics is available to buy on their website for £2,237 to £2,900.

What was more chilling were the spoils of the Ukraine invasion that Putin decided to display. These included an M777 howitzer artillery piece and a Tochka-U missile, both captured by Russian troops.


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