Putin wept hysterically in breakdown caused by new cancer drugs

Vladimir Putin has suffered a nervous breakdown after switching to a more potent cancer medicine according to recently surfaced allegations from a mysterious Kremlin insider. The strange speculation around Putin’s health comes amid suspicions the Russian leader’s body double was deployed during a recent high-profile tour to occupied Ukraine.

While Putin’s spokesman has not refuted the doppelganger claims outright, he did describe them as “quite strange”.,

According to certain Russian reports, Putin’s cancer is in a worse state than previously thought, and he is receiving his third round of therapy.

However, these reports have not been independently verified, and but they continue to be hotly debated on non-official media sites. According to political expert Valery Solovey: “He is now undergoing a third course of treatment. The previous two were extremely unsuccessful.”

According to the Telegram channel General SVR, which claims to have inside knowledge of Putin’s medical condition, Putin is mostly under the control of doctors while dealing with problems from his war against Ukraine.

General SVR continued: “At about 21.40, Moscow time, the presidential guards heard strange sounds from the room where the president was.

“Putin did not answer a knock on the door, attempts to determine what was happening in other ways did not bring results.”

SVR wrote that after several minutes his guards and doctors decided to enter the room in which the president was sitting. Putin sat on the floor near the sofa and wept hysterically.

Putin appears to limp amidst speculation over his health

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“He was wearing only a wet white T-shirt, which he had probably tried to take off, and a black sock on his right leg.

“Next to him was a torn diaper, which Putin has been using all the time lately.

“To all appeals to him, the president practically did not react, continuing to sob.”

Putin’s medics reportedly injected him with an “antipsychotic drug” which saw his condition rapidly improve.


“The president felt better, he was washed, changed and put to bed.”

Despite the fact that it was the foundation of Putin’s new therapy, the doctors “cancelled a new drug they had just prescribed for the president” due to the debilitating “side effects.”

Putin’s “health is deteriorating” and new treatment is “impossible to delay”, SVR said, allegedly referring to the diagnosis of doctors.

Solovey said: “The possibilities of modern medicine allow you to prolong your existence in the form of a zombie for a long time.But it is not possible to be a public person.”

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