Putin warned over chilling coup to seize control of nuclear weapons: Hes in trouble

Russia: EU must survive Putin’s energy war to avoid invasion

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War strategy expert Harry Kazianis told Express.co.uk that Vladimir Putin is facing an “existential situation”. He said that top-ranking Russian officials could launch a coup, as they may “try to take things into their own hands” if Putin does not win the war in the next few months. This, Mr Kazianis said, would be “really dangerous”, given the high number of nuclear weapons in Russia’s possession.

He warned that the situation is “far bigger than Ukraine”.

This comes as Putin’s forces continue to suffer humiliating losses in Ukraine.

According to estimates from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence, as many as 44,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in the fighting so far.

Kyiv has also claimed to have destroyed as many as 1,800 Russian tanks.

According to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, Russia possesses approximately 5,977 nuclear weapons, which it can launch from missiles, submarines, and aircraft.

In 2021, Russia spent an estimated US$8.6 billion to build and maintain its nuclear forces.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Mr Kazianis said: “Putin really is in an existential situation where he has to try to win this war within the next 60 days.

“If he can’t do that, I really think he’s in trouble.

“I do think it is possible that either Russian generals or Russian politicians that are close to the generals, could try to take things into their own hands.

“And that’s when it gets really dangerous, considering that Russia has the most nuclear weapons on the planet.

“So, that’s how dangerous this situation is.

He added: “It’s far bigger than Ukraine to be honest.”

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Earlier this month, the war in Ukraine passed the six-month mark.

Western allies marked the milestone by announcing further military support for Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden pledged $2.98 billion (£2.5bn) for “air defence systems, artillery systems and munitions, counter-unmanned aerial systems, and radars.”

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised £54 million more in weaponry on a visit to Kyiv.

Meanwhile, Germany offered €500m (£421m).

Nato secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance needed to step up to help Ukraine fight Russia.

He described the conflict as a “grinding war of attrition.”

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