Putin wants final solution for Ukraine as Zelenskyy begs Israel for iron dome

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said Moscow is saying Moscow is planning a “final solution for the Ukrainian question” in an address to Israel's parliament as rumours of Russia's intent to establish prison camps grow.

It has been widely reported that the US has uncovered information that Vladimir Putin has tasked his forces with "creating lists of identified Ukrainians to be killed or sent to camps."

The troubling development comes from a recent letter to a U.N. high commissioner, sent by a U.S. ambassador which also claims Russian's will "likely use lethal measures to disperse peaceful protest."

Ukrainian civilians have already been reportedly rounded up by Russian troops and sent to “work camps” thousands of miles from their homes.

Ukrainian MP Inna Sovsun told Times Radio yesterday that as many as 5,000 civilians had been being taken to “very distant parts of Russia” and “forced to sign papers saying that they will stay in that area for two or three years and they will work for free in those areas”.

“They’re taking Ukrainian citizens, sending them through what are called filtration camps, and then relocating them to distant parts of Russia to work for free,” she added.

“This is the logic of Nazi Germany.”

In the UN letter, written by Ambassador Bathsheba Nell Crocker, U.S. representative to the Office of the United Nations, the politician stresses that a "human rights catastrophe" is on the way, reports Fortune.

He wrote: "I would like to bring to your attention disturbing information recently obtained by the United States that indicates that human rights violations and abuses in the aftermath of a further invasion are being planned.

"Specifically, we have credible information that indicates Russian forces are creating lists of identified Ukrainians to be killed or sent to campus following a military occupation.

"We also have credible information that Russian forces will likely use lethal measures to disperse peaceful protests or otherwise counter peaceful exercises of perceived resistance from civilian populations."

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As a result of Russia's insidious actions, President Zelenskyy begged the Israeli government to send over their iron dome missile defence system, stressing that "indifference kills.”

While Zelenskyy's comments to Israeli officials were meant to rouse support, many Israeli's have been offended by his comparison to the holocaust reports The Jerusalem Post.

In response to the President's plea, Israel's Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel tweeted: “I appreciate the President of Ukraine and support the Ukrainian people in heart and deed, but it is impossible to rewrite the terrible history of the Holocaust,

"Genocide was also committed on Ukrainian soil. The war is terrible, but the comparison to the horrors of the Holocaust and the final solution is outrageous.”

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