Putin to become dad again at 69 as gymnast mistress pregnant with daughter

Vladimir Putin is set to father another kid with his “sex mad” ex-gymnast lover, reports say.

Despite being 69-years-old and leading a brutal invasion of Ukraine, the tyrant has reportedly found time to get girlfriend Alina Kabaeva pregnant for a third time.

The pair are rumoured to already have two children but are now preparing to add a daughter to their clan, a web account updated by Kremlin insiders revealed.

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But the former-KGB officer is said to be less than happy at the news and reportedly grumbled: “I have enough children as it is, and had enough daughters long ago.”

Olympic gold-winning rhythmic gymnast Kabaeva has long been accused of having a family with the Russian President, although she is famously very secretive over their relationship.

In 2015, reports claimed she gave birth to a son at a VIP clinic in Switzerland before having twins in Moscow four years later.

She boasts a staunchly pro-Kremlin media empire and is a top celebrity throughout Russia, The Mirror reports.

Russian photographer Mikhail Korolov previously described her as "full of sex" after he snapped her at a shoot.

The West has already slammed tough sanctions on the 39-year-old for her involvement with the brutal despot.

Private Putin has not publicly confirmed how many children he has, but his best-known daughters from ex-wife Lyudmila Ocheretnaya have a fairly high profile.

They include academic and businesswoman Maria Vorotsova, 37 and top boffin and former dancer Katerina Tikhonova, 35.

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But although the dictator is still having children, his much-reported bouts of ill-health cast doubts over how long Putin will be alive to see his new-born grow up.

The deranged brute could barely hold his head up during a meeting with his Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu on Tuesday and his masculine, hardman appearance has crumbled with videos of his hand shaking.

His slim face has now been replaced by a bloated look and experts have speculated over Putin’s use of steroids to treat thyroid cancer.

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